In 2014 Sofidel USA was asked by the American ship cruise industry to solve the serious issue of paper towels being “accidentally” dropped into toilets and causing clogging problems. The answer was DISSOLVETECH Paper hand towels.

Who uses DISSOLVETECH paper towels in Hawaii?
– MUSEUMS & BUSINESSES in really old buildings with really old plumbing and lots of visitors.
– COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES with new buildings and low flow toilets and students from many cultures.
– PRE SCHOOLS with lots of young kids eager to learn about toilets.

One PRE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR told us that our paper towels and toilet paper cost a little more than what she was getting at the Big Box Stores. But she more than made it up in cash savings by having much fewer emergency plumbing service calls. For a Pre School with slim margins, “it was a real budget saver.”