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Thank you for visiting our GBC Boxes & Packaging web site. Since closing our GBC store and warehouse in July 2023, we have had many requests for the unique packaging we have provided to our customers over the years. Since we no longer bring in shipments by containers, we have had to pivot and make adjustments to our shipping options. In addition, the after effects of Covid-19, have created industry changes and adjustments in what our many packaging factories can, and cannot offer. In the past months we have been discovering packaging options that offer true value for our many customers. It is a work in progress, and subject to change.

If any of these, look interesting to you, please contact us. We look forward to giving you a quote.

  • Standard corrugated boxes by the full pallet. The number of boxes on a pallet depends on the corrugated box size.
  • Unprinted paper shopping bags, four cases minimum. Check with us for available sizes.
  • Unprinted paper merchandise bags, (flat bags) Four cases minimum.
  • Custom printed paper merchandise (Flat) bags, 5,000 minimum.
  • Factory printed paper shopping bags, 6,000 minimum per size. (Less than 50% ink coverage, Up to three colors, FREE printing plates for NEW brands, FREE shipping to the west coast on the first order, and your choice of six handle colors.)
  • Short Run custom printed shopping bags, 1,000 minimum. (These are printed on bags that already exist,(Post Printed) and are printed a single color one one side, in a limited print area.) (A multicolor print option may be possible)
  • Short Run Non Woven Reusable bags. 100 minimum. (These are printed on bags that already exist, (Post Printed) and are printed a single color on one side, in a limited print area.) (A multicolor print option may be possible)
  • WaterHog Entry mats, the best entry mats made in the USA. You can see our mats at many of the Foodland locations, Hawaii State Library locations, University of Hawaii, BYU Hawaii, Pali Momi Hospital, Wilcox Hospital, and many other locations.
  • WaterHog Entry mats with custom logos. See them at Waikiki Aquarium, BYU Hawaii, Straub Medical Center, and many other locations.
  • Custom size corrugated boxes, un-printed, or printed with your logo. (One color print or 4 color process print)
  • Custom printed labels. 1,000 minimum. Ink printed, hot stamped, embossed.
  • Custom printed ribbon, 10 roll minimum. (Ala Moana Shopping Center, Dean & Deluca, Halekulani Hotel etc.)
  • Custom printed tissue. 10 ream minimum.(480 sheets per ream) (Halekulani Hotel, Halepuna Hotel)
  • Custom printed poly bags. 5,000 minimum. (These cannot be used in a retail situation on Oahu) (Honolulu Marathon Race & Expo)
  • Elastic Stretch Loops in metallic silver or gold. Standard or ¼ inch flat. (10,000 each)
  • Newsprint (12 bale minimum) (10# Bale)
  • Custom metallic twist ties, 100,000 ea.
  • Jewelry boxes with cotton inserts (2 case minimum)
  • Paper mailing tubes with caps. (1,000 tubes)
  • Poly Mailing envelopes. TBD.
  • Liquid Palmolive soap in 5 gallon containers. TBD.
  • Corrugated Catering trays. TBD

That covers what we have been working on lately.

If you have a packaging request that is not covered here, let us know and we can work

out a quote for you.

Mahalo for 50+ years.

Our focus is on friendly, helpful advice and great service for every customer. We look forward to meeting you. Call us at (808) 842-3400 or email to info@gbchawaii.com

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