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GBC Insta-Pack Foam

GBC Boxes & Packaging offers a unique packing service designed to protect your fragile items during shipping. Our foam in place packing expands to over 200 times its liquid volume to ensure a custom fit. The Insta-Pack Foam has unique cushioning properties that safeguard your products during shipping and handling for maximum protection. Because it is extremely light, it also saves on your shipping costs. It is ideal for computers, televisions, electronic equipment, ceramic pieces, china, paintings and artwork.

Customers have used our foam in place packing for:
Military Electronic Equipment
Baby Carriers for Hospitals
Coin Operated Video Machines
Ceramic Pieces for Art Competitions
Antiques from Estate Sales
Sewer Testing Equipment
Shipments for Art Galleries
Origami Wedding Artwork
Antique Dishes

Our packing experts will create a custom foam "sandwich" for any item, small, medium or large, that needs special packing to make sure it safely gets to its destination.

First we will find a suitable box for your item allowing at least 2 inches around all sides of your item for sufficient protection. If your item cannot comfortably fit into one of our 90 in-stock corrugated boxes, we can create a custom box for you. The first layer of foam is sprayed in the box and expands to form a custom base. Then, your item is placed in the center of the box, and covered with a layer of poly sheeting. A second layer is then sprayed over your item to complete the sandwich. The final result is a custom fit box that is ready to be shipped out. Your custom Insta-Foam box can be re-used to move your item again.

For information and quotes ask for Jory from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday at GBC Boxes & Packaging. (808) 842-3400.