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Printed Poly Bags with ECM Biodegradable Additive!

If you have been keeping track of the news about plastic bags, there is a major concern that they would not normally biodegrade.

Some solutions to this problem included corn starch or heavy metals added to the Poly  to aid in breaking down the bags. This "solution" actually created more problems.

1. This poly could not be recycled with other poly.

2. Over time these bags tended to get brittle in storage.

3. Once the additive broke down, you were still left with tiny pieces of poly that would take a long time to biodegrade.

ECM is an additive that addresses these problems.

1. Poly with ECM additive can be recycled.

2. Poly with ECM will not break down under normal storage conditions.

3. Poly with ECM begins to biodegrade when it comes in contact with micro-organisms found in the ground and is fully recycled into humus.

Better yet, it is very cost effective.  I spoke to the president of ECM, and he explained that the ECM additive when added to bag poly, turns it to something chemically like wood.  Like wood, poly with ECM will stay stable in most situations. But if you throw a piece of wood onto the ground where moisture, mold and bacteria will get to it, it will start to break down, and over time will be recycled back to earth. Poly with ECM reacts in the same way.

GBC can make these bags for you. For more information, or a quote, contact us at GBC.